NOTE: Average of experiments carried out at EMBRAPA and UNICENTRO
NOTE: Average of experiments carried out at UFSM and FUNDACEP
Average of 23 experiments carried out at research institutes.
Adapted from Hungria et al. Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment, v221, p.128-131,2016.


AZOTROP is a liquid and peat inoculant for a number of crops, i.e., soybean, bean, corn, wheat and pasture. It is made with Azospirillum brasilense, which is highly efficient when it comes to enhancing plant growth and biological nitrogen fixation.

AZOTROP is the result of innovation, research and development between BIOTROP and EMBRAPA, providing farmers with a new tool for increasing crop productivity.


  • Increases productivity and profitability;
  • Performs biological nitrogen fixation;
  • Improves water and nutrient absorption.


  • Stimulates root system development and improves plant health, reducing lodging.
  • Highly stable formula, ensuring viability of microorganisms (microbial viability);
  • Proven compatibility with Bradyrhzobium spp. in soybean;
  • Exclusive technology that induces bacteria to produce phytohormones when associated with target crops.



100ml or 100g

  • 100g – 60,000 of corn seeds;
  • 50kg of wheat seeds;
  • 5kg of pasture seeds;
  • 50kg of soybean or bean seeds.


  • 50kg of rice seed
  • IN-FURROW USE: 200mL/ha.

Guaranteed analysis

  • Liquid: A. brasilense … 2×10¹¹ UFC/L
  • Peat: A. brasilense … 2×10¹¹ UFC/Kg


Read and follow the directions for use correctly. Not fit for human or animal consumption. Keep it out of reach of children. Always wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Adopt biological pest control practices. Dispose of empty containers and product residues correctly and do not reuse any containers. The manufacturer ensures product quality with the proper handling, storage, transportation and application. The manufacturer is not responsible for damages or losses caused by misuse of products.


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