Photo by: Ph.D. Regiane Bueno
Photo by: Ph.D. Regiane Bueno


BIOEXOS is a high-quality bioinsecticide when it comes to integrated pest management. It is made with Azadiractina and its formula ensures the highest agronomic efficiency, UV protection of the active ingredient and ideal physicochemical properties regarding dilution and applicability.


  • Efficient control of silverleaf whitefly and powdery mildew;
  • Useful tool regarding resistance management of silverleaf whitefly;
  • No residues on crops.


  • Diverse and complementary modes of action regarding the most used insecticides on the market;
  • Low toxicity;
  • Easily diluted and does not solidify at low temperatures;
  • Registered for Organic Farming.


  • Following the recommendations for each crop on the packaging label.

Guaranteed analysis

  • Azadirachtin ……………………………… 0.30%
  • Other ingredients …………….. 99.70%


Agricultural use only. LOW TOXICITY (Class IV) and LOW RISK TO THE ENVIRONMENT (Class IV). Always consult an agricultural engineer and follow instructions correctly. It is important to adopt integrated pest management practices. Available by agronomic prescription only. Read the label and do it to those who cannot read. Wear proper personal protective equipment according to label instructions. Empty containers must be sent to inpEV’s receiving units.


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