Average of experiments carried out in Ponta Grossa – PR

SOYBEAN (bags/ha)

Average of tests performed by UFSM, UNICENTRO and EMBRAPA SOJA


A potent growth-promoting inoculant composed of exclusive strains of Bacillus subtilisB. amyloliquefaciens and B. pumilus that enhance the biological balance of the soil and the productivity of crops.


  • Increases productivity and profitability;
  • Restores the biological balance of the rhizosphere;
  • Accelerates early crop development.


  • Convenience and ease of application;
  • Increases the root system;
  • High compatibility with agrochemicals;
  • Long term storage (2 years of shelf life without refrigeration)
  • 100% endospore formulation. Highly stable, ensuring the viability of microorganisms.


  • ON-SEED USE: 100 mL/ha;
  • IN-FURROW USE: 200 mL/ha;
  • BROADCAST APPLICATION: 300 mL/ha per application.

Guaranteed analysis

1×10¹¹ endósporos/L

  • B. pumilus CCTB05
  • B. subtilis CCTB04
  • B. amyloliquefaciens CCTB09


Read and follow correctly as instructions for use. Unsuitable for human or animal feeding. Keep out of the reach of children. Always use personal protective equipment. Carry out the Biological Management of Crops. Correctly dispose of the packaging and product waste. Do not reuse the packaging. The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the product, following the indicated conditions of storage, transport and application, not assuming any risk or damage due to misuse or misapplication of the product.


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