Complete solution of high efficiency in promoting the development of vigorous and resilient pastures that bring stocking gains and consequent profitability per area. Kit contains bags of: PASTOMAX N, PASTOMAX PK, PASTOMAX PROTEGE.


  • Greater productivity and profitability;
  • Greater practicality, with application that doesn’t require the removal of cattle;
  • Neutral carbon beef;
  • Greater sustainability in pasture recovery management.


  • Improves the use of N, P and K by plants;
  • Greater plant resilience in case of biotic and abiotic stresses;
  • Formulation with high stability;
  • Elite strains: unique and specific to pastures;
  • It has metabolite induction technology (DOP technology).


  • SEED TREATMENT: 1 kit treats 150 ha
  • BROADCAST APPLICATION: 1 Kit treats 20 ha.

Guaranteed analysis

  • Pseudomonas fluorescens CNPSo 2719;
  • Azospirillum brasilense CNPSo 2083 e 2084
  • Protective additives.


Read and follow the directions for use correctly. Not fit for human or animal consumption. Keep it out of reach of children. Always wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Adopt biological pest control practices. Dispose of empty containers and product residues correctly and do not reuse any containers. The manufacturer ensures product quality with the proper handling, storage, transportation and application. The manufacturer is not responsible for damages or losses caused by misuse of products.


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